Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Bentley Wedding Portrait

Ok so.... I posted a picture of the Bentleys of Bentley Manor a couple posts ago (me and my husband)... Well I have finished my first piece for the house (and I haven't even dusted the thing off yet). Here you are... the wedding photo of the Bentleys of Bentley Manor:

Since I am setting the house in the 1930's or 40's I decided to put us in a 1920's wedding portrait. Here it is so you can see it a bit better. I just took our faces from that other photo I showed you and popped us in :) ....

Boy, its been a busy week.... full of birthdays and chores....phew :)

PS. Thanks to Tara of Dollhouse at Pooh Corner for a lovely package of odds and ends she sent me which contained the frame that I painted and used for this!!! Thanks Tara!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

OUCH!!! I've been tagged...

In the Lounge....

With the lead pipe...

By Eliza!!! of Wasting Gold Paper. Please head over to her blog and check out all her projects!!! Especially her micro pocket watch scene!! So tiny!!! Eliza I loved your list of things you love - I love mini things that really work too!!

She acutally tagged me on both blogs I think but I'll just put it on this one! (I haven't been tagged here yet!)

6 Random Things I love:
-My husband getting home early from class - yay!
-Mashed potatoes
-Cold Cream
-Going to bed after a long day... eeek! Its my bed time!
-My two dogs even though this is has been a tough week to 'like' them... grr!
-Sams Club Pizza .....soooooooo goooooooood. (but prob not too healthy...)

I am tagging the first 6 people that signed up to follow this blog (besides Eliza)!!! You lucky 6! In case you're not sure who you are:

John and Kate of Whittakers Miniatures
Annina of My Miniatures
Marsha at Sassy Mini Dolls
Kim of Flowers and Art
Texas Belle at Myrtlewood Manor
Cate and David at Solet Luna

Now go forth and tag :) But I really don't suggest using a lead pipe.... do not try THAT at home....

Meet the Bentleys of Bentley Manor....

Sorry ... I haven't been back on this blog in a while - haha! Well, taa-daa, here they are, the Bentleys of Bentley Manor....
Sans asked where Mr. Bentley was and if he had been killed? Well, I am not quite sure yet what happened and who is still alive. Have you guessed who these people are yet???
Its me and my hubs! And either one of us or both of us will most likely be the victims - haha! Is that morbid????? maybe but its all in good fun!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Welcome to Bentley Manor

Hello and welcome to Bentley Manor (or what will be Bentley Manor with a little bit of work)! Please make yourself at home..... and err... watch your back... I believe there is a murderer about....

You may be thinking to yourself "I thought it was 'Murder at Boddy Mansion' and Mr. Boddy has already been murdered." Well my friend... you are living in the past. Yes, Mr. Boddy was brutally murdered with a wrench... or was it a lead pipe?? but everyone has moved on...

Since then all six suspects have moved on with their lives and gotten over that frieghtful night that has been so horribly memorialized in a family board game.

But recently they all received an invitation. An invitation to Bentley Manor. And you never know what will happen when you get these six characters together.

Who invited them?

Who lives in Bentley Manor?