Friday, July 31, 2009

Plan for Bentley Manor and Contest!!!

Here you can see the plan I have come up with for Bentley Manor!! I have layed out the main areas and also some essential furniture so I can get an eye for scale and how much room I have. Things that I will be changing from the original: I will remove a divider wall from the middle floor and will also be adding a conservatory on the left side. I might also raise the roof a bit in order to get in some more head room!

The rooms with the '?' in them are mysteries and will be revealed in the future....

If you want to reference the original house you can click here.

And here is the Contest:

The prize will be an extra point towards a give-away I will be having in the future sometime (it may not be soon but I will remember). NO LOOKING THIS UP ON THE INTERNET! Look at the plan (click on it and it will get bigger) and comment with the TWO 'Rooms' or 'Crime Scenes' that I have not included from the original game! The first one to comment with both of the correct rooms gets the point!

Good Luck everyone!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The first clue....

So the first clue has been created.... dun dun DUN!!! Here is a picture of it. I found some old play bill covers for Theater versions of 'Cluedo' (which is the European version of 'Clue' I believe - someone correct me if I am off). So I took the play bill cover and made it look like a theater poster that had been signed and wah-lah.... the first clue (of many to come). By the way, thanks to Kate for the frame.. she sent me several recently and this one was just perfect for the job. I will be hanging this in the billiard room (plans and layouts to come soon....)

Also, this clue was photographed on my new kitchen table!!!.... It was just put together so never mind how bare it looks!! Stuff will soon be all around it :)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I found him finally! Murph has come to help!

Well, it's been a long and hard search but I finally found some help!!! See... I don't have any dolls yet to help me size and proportion and I don't want to just going buying tiny people willy nilly! So I have been searching and searching and searching...... and searching for the perfect sized wooden model to help me with my minis. Why did this search take so long? Because the only sizes I could find in any store was 4 1/2", 8" and 12" tall!! And none of those help!!!

But anyway... I would like you to meet Murphy (Murph for short). He's a perfect 5 3/4" tall! He has come to help me with both houses so you will see him here (Bentley Manor) and also at the Addams Family Mansion.

Here you can see him sitting in the dusty attic of Bentley Manor. He's got a lot of cleaning to do!!! Just kidding.... he told me before I brought him on that he doesn't do manual labor - haha!!!

Everyone enjoy your weekend everyone... I'll be away from the computer celebrating independence so I will get to any comments or emails early next week I hope!