Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Bentley Manor

This year I was truly blessed in miniatures!! My family went all out for Bentley Manor! haha! Maybe its because of the name :) I went on a shopping trip with my MIL and SIL and found so many things that will be perfect including the little miniature Clue game! Thanks Kari for spotting that! Also... the sewing table, fabric and buttons are extra special as my MIL wanted to get something special for Bentley Manor that was just from her! Sewing supplies are the perfect thing seeing as she makes beautiful quilts and it will remind me of her everytime I see it!

Also, my aunt got me this entire Jadite-looking set from Chrysnbon! I LOVE this set! It is so perfect for the time period I am going for! Now I just need a large lovely cabinet to show it all off in the dining room! Oh wait... first I need to work on the dining room!!

Thank you family for the awesome gifts!! I am truely inspired to get this sucker going! Or at least start making a game plan to get these minis in their rightful place! hugs, ara