Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Here Ye: Sign up for the Circle Swap

"And it came up from the Basement"

In honor of my Clue House starting up and since Halloween is just around the corner I figured I would volunteer to Hostess a Circle Swap for bloggers. I have seen several talk about it but I haven't seen one form yet. If there is one going on that this one will hinder please let me know and I will try it another time.

So here's how it works:

You sign up for the swap by emailing me at Send me your NAME, PREFERRED EMAIL ADDRESS, PREFERRED MAILING ADDRESS and FAVORITE HALLOWEEN CHARACTER (just for fun and for your makers reference).

On August 25th I will announce the circle.... meaning that I will announce who you are making something for and who is making something for you. You will have until October 15th to make your mini object and then you must mail it so it gets there before Halloween. To participate you must have a blog or something like it, so people can see what you are interested in to help them make something for you.

The theme is "And it came up from the Basement". You can make anything you like within that theme. You make ONE item only so you can put your heart and soul into it. It must be something worth at least $15-$20 (meaning you would pay $15-$20 for if you saw it in a store). It must be 1/12th scale.

By signing up for this you COMMIT to following through and sending your mini-object to your circle swap person. You also need to understand that people live all over the world and that you may have to pay varying amounts of shipping costs depending on where your person is. The circle order will be chosen randomly so I have no control on where your person may be living.

Also, I will not be participating, I will merely be making sure everything is done on time and will do updates and checks on progress.

On October 10th I will contact everyone to see if they are on schedule for sending their package out. I will send up to 3 emails trying to contact a participant.... if you do not respond to any emails by the 14th... I will pass you by and have the person before you send directly to the person after you.

When you are finished with your mini-object please send me a photograph and I will post all the Circle Swap objects on this site for people to see the day after Halloween!

In order for this to happen we need to have at least 4 people sign up. And I will cut it off at 15 people.

If y'all have any questions please post a comment for everyone to see so I can clear things up.

Thanks! -Ara


  1. Oh, Ara, this sounds like so MUCH fun but I fear with my show being around the corner I don't have time to make something special . . . WHAH :( Hugs, Marsha

  2. That's understandable of course! The show must go on!! Well that's why I said I'd like at least 4. That way if people are busy maybe we can try again later. Lots of people seem busy this season (including me!)-ara

  3. I would like to try this if you do it again. I hesitate to sign up for this one for two reasons- 1. I am not that good at making mini's yet 2. I am afraid of what this first semester of going back to school will bring as far as my time goes. Awesome idea though- I hope you do it again!

  4. "And it came up from the Basement" I'm drawing a blank as to what would fit that theme. Blame it on my brain I guess. ;-) Any ideas to jump start the creative processes?

  5. hmmm... could be anything... such as a swamp monster, something that makes a sound that would come from the basement, luggage, old frames with old haunted paintings.... uh you can make it creepy or not. We used to have our family room in our basement ... so maybe Aunt Thelma 'came up from the basement'... :) Ghosts, maybe :) I just went for a somewhat creepy theme because of Halloween!! Hope that helps a bit!

    Kim, I hope this first semester works out for you! Its smart not to commit to too much before you know the load!

  6. Ok... I have a few thoughts. Count me in.

  7. And we have 1!!! Minikat, make sure to email me the info specified above :)

  8. Hi Ara...

    This sounds like a lot of fun...ghosties you say...hmmmm count me in...but PLEASE send reminders as the time grows close...this brain is workin over time and needs a kick start once in a while...

    Fun Idea... hope lots more will join in..


  9. Now we're up to 2 participants!! No worries Jodi, I will be sending reminders (because I know I would need them too!!)

  10. ooooh! Can I be #3? I'm feeling really honored to join such illustrious company. Hope my talents'll prove up to the task.

  11. And now we have 3!!! We just need one more to make this into a true circle (even though thats more a square...) I will repost for this again in a few days to make sure I catch anyone who didn't see this the first time! -ara

  12. I will love to give this one a try :). I have already sent you my email .

  13. It can be difficult to remember when looking at these photographs that you are actually seeing a miniature.