Monday, August 24, 2009

The Swap Order is announced!!

So here is the Swap order guys. You will make something for the person your arrow is pointing towards. So that means you make something for the person clockwise from you. The order was drawn blindly so the order was done at random.

So, starting today, you have until October 15th to complete your item, package it and get it into the mail. I will give addresses to the correct person when the time comes.

Feel free to contact the person you are making something for if you are in need of some ideas. If you already know what you're doing then you can surprise them!!

Please respond to this post so I know you have seen the order. If I don't hear from all in a couple days I will send out an email to make sure everyone is in the loop :)

I will also be sending out weekly reminders until the Swap is completed for those of your that are super busy this time of year (this being practically everyone!!)

Please let me know if there are any questions!!! -Ara

OOPS: For got to add every ones favorites Halloween Characters!!:

MiniKat: All Halloween characters, eventually she will be doing a Haunted San Fran....
Sans: Any dead Maharajahs
Karin F.: Witches
Jodi Creager: Skeletons, Ghosts and Witches


  1. Seen it, now must find Karin F :)!

  2. Sans, Look back to the original post about this swap, 4 posts ago or so and you will see her name where she commented. That should lead you to her blog :)

  3. mean I have to make something good enough for the "great" Jodi hero. LOL
    I'll really have to rack my brains....

  4. And I'd like to cry...
    I totally missed the post ! I suppose I cannot get in to it by now....
    Rosanna (sniff sniff)

  5. Rosanna, It's a little late to nudge into the circle as I see people are already starting with ideas.... but I emailed you an idea I have so you can still participate. Let me know what you think! -ara

  6. ok - so update.... Rosanna entered the swap late after the circle had been posted. And I am sure you all are already brainstorming... so I am going to join in and she and I will swap with each other so the circle stays the same. I just hate for anyone to be left out!!

    Rosannas favorite Halloween Characters: Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns

    My favs: The Addams Family of course!!

  7. Hi Ara...
    Sorry that I didn't see your post sooner...This is such a FUN idea....I already think I know what I am making for Minikat...and Karin, I will be THRILLED with anything from you...I am very excited...

    Glad Rosanna could join in... we may need to do more of these...

    Hugs to All


  8. YAY!! Glad Rosanna is in :). I am very excited.

  9. I already have an idea what I'm making but wouldn't mind if you decided to pick names again & include Rosanna. Mine can be made for anyone. If you decide to leave things as is, then welcome Rosanna. As Jodi said the more the merrier!
    hugs K
    Jodi, you'd better hope my idea works on more than paper LOL