Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Long Needed Update on Bentley Manor

Needless to say, this poor project has been highly neglected :( Poor Bentley Manor. But the other day it was just too beautiful to not take it outside and ....... dust it off!!!

I hadn't dusted it since I got it and it was looking pretty bad. So my dear husband, the Lord of Bentley Manor, helped me out with the aid of his trusty leaf blower. Unfortunantly there were a few casualties in this event..... not sure if you can see it but the railing on the very top floor is starting to collapse. *Sigh* there is lots to do here.

And once I removed the roof, even our doggies decided to help out. Happy dog tails attract dust like no ones business! (the one on the top is Clemy and the one in the bottom left corner is little Audrey).

Also, for those of you that follow my Addams Family blog you might remember my dryer lint monster that I did for a contest. Well, he won first place!!! So I decided to use some of the prize money to buy the first piece of furniture for Bentley Manor... the Billiard Table for the Billiard Room. Spacious in there isn't it???

And lastly a very exciting piece of news..... my Dad who has been following along with my blogs has kind of caught the building bug and has asked if he can help out with anything. So here we are below as I am delegated the daunting task of building the shelves for the library!! Such a wonderful dad!! It was also fun getting his Engineers take on possibly including secret passages! dun Dun DUN!!

Anyway... so there's your quick update.... Next up I need hubby to build a base with rollers so I can roll it into my work room to work on!!! (It's currently taking up a corner in the guest bedroom!)

Hugs to all, ara


  1. Oh, what cutie babies you have!!! And how absolutely wonderful that your dad is going to be helping you! That is so cool!

    Congrats on winning 1st place. It is well deserved! You are so very talented! Wonderful billard table!


  2. Had to laugh at hubby with the leaf bower, at first I thought it was a weed eater, and I thought 'Oh No, What's he doing??' LOL I think it's so much better whne everyone around gets involved with the house...makes it more special. LOVE the pic of th epuppies helping. They're sooo cute! Oh, and before I forget, there's an award for you over at my blog! :)


  3. ooooooooooooh, dun dun dun indeed! So many great nes in this 1 post. 1st prize!!!! wowee! congratz! Your house is really sturdy (dog on roof!!??) But the best news? Daddy is helping out with the house! wowee again!

  4. This is going to be FAB!! Lucky you having such helpful family members! Your doggie is precious give Audrey and Clemie a huge hug from me!
    Such an amzaing house, and congrats on winning, knew you would your so clever!
    Kate xx

  5. Congratulations on winning the competition!
    So fun, and you put the money to good use I see - fabulous billiard table!
    And so nice to have a handy and enthusiastic Dad to help out! Secret passages would be so great!

  6. Wonderful update all around Ara! :D

  7. Oh, this is such a fun project! I love the idea of secret passages; I wanted a few in Myrtlewood, but just couldn't find the space. I really like the billiard table, and am already imagining what the room will look like around it!

    Congrats on winning the contest, by the way - that's awesome!

  8. I just dream about a manor like that.....