Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's only Been 30 months....

30 Months!!!  HolyCow!  Poor little neglected project!  Well I am trying to make it up to the clue house by paying LOTS of attention to him! 

I made a list of things I needed to do and I just threw myself into it.  It also helps that my parents got my a huge industrial grade table that this guy fits on so I don't have to wait for DH to get home to move my project where I need him!

Here's a photo of how the house came to me ... all $5 worth of him lol.

I realized I need to glue him back together before I could do anything else.  His roof was unattached and pieces were missing... luckily it came with a big pile of broken pieces to look through.

I finally found all the pieces for the roof and missing attic walls.  He was not fitting together so great so I decided this would be a job for Gorilla Glue!  And lots of it.  I personally hate the stuff because it puffs up and can ruin your nice clean corners.  But this guy needed something that would puff up and fill in the gaps where the pieces didn't fit.

Here he is clamped up to where I thought at any moment he might implode!

After letting him sit and glue together I started taking a closer look at the inside and I realized both sets of stairs are glued in upside down!!  Of course the pieces that they got wrong were the ones that were holding tight lol.  So I took my box cutter and worked and worked until I could pop them out.  (Also there is siding that was put on upside down and in unremoveable...grr...  I will deal with that in another post!)

That's it for now.  I have big plans for this guy.  I was going to give up on him but I got a second wind to try and turn this amazing house into the beauty it's supposed to be!  Wish me luck! -Ara


  1. You don't need luck with talents like yours :):). Hmmm, can't really tell that the stairs were upside down ..hehe :).

    Good job starting on the project, Ara!

  2. What a great project you have going here! And what a bargain! I recently bought a bargain dollhouse too! I'm looking forward to watching more of your progress on your house as I work on mine. xo Jennifer